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National Semiconductor

Posted 2010-04-26.

National Semiconductor
                            Summer Co-op Position

          Computer Integrated Manufacturing / Information Services


National Semiconductor manufactures integrated circuits in South Portland
Maine.  The National Semiconductor Factory Automation System monitors and
controls all manufacturing functions within the factory. The central
database technology for the system since its inception has been the Sybase
ASE product from Sybase, Inc. This real-time system performs more than 300
SQL procedure executions per second 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The
system never stops.

National Semiconductor has migrated much of the system procedures from
Sybase’s Transact-SQL to Microsoft SQL Server 2008 in preparation for a
system conversion in 2010/2011.

Project Description

The project is to construct and execute a factory transaction test suite
that will stress test the factory application using a new Microsoft SQL
Server 2008 database environment. Working in a team environment, under the
guidance of a mentor, the co-op candidate will be expected to:
 - Become familiar with the factory application by using it first-hand as a
   manufacturing technician for 1-2 weeks.
 - Capture “streams of transactions” from existing computers controlling
   the factory equipment.
 - Adapt these “transaction streams” into reusable scripts (the factory
   transaction test suite) that can be replayed against test versions of
   the database, using Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server.
 - Execute this resulting test suite against a Development Server compute
   farm and a newly-purchased Production Server compute farm.
 - Produce and present a final report to the CIM / Information Services
   technical staff.

Desired Qualifications of Coop Student

Experience with several programming languages: The system will likely be
implemented using some combination of Windows PowerShell scripts, C#, and
Transact-SQL. While these specific languages are not required, equivalent
languages are necessary (Examples: Java, Perl, Tcl, …)

Knowledge of SQL: Exposure to SQL stored procedures is desired. Microsoft
Transact-SQL is preferred, but experience with Postgres, Oracle, Sybase or
Access is acceptable.

Ability to work in a team environment: You will not work alone. The ability
to effectively interact with others is very important.

Resumes can be sent to:
Kim Millick
Human Relations
National Semiconductor
5 Foden Road
South Portland, ME 04106